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Friday, 25 March 2011

Canada Makes Political History

Canada's Current Prime Minster Stephen Harper
On Friday, the Canadian Conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper has fallen after a defeat in a vote of no confidence. The vote was engineered by the Liberal opposition party after it was alleged that the government was in contempt of parliament. 

Canada's Houses of Parliament

The vote orchestrated by Michael Ignatieff of the Liberal party was won by a 156 to 145 vote. This vote has now set in motion a series of events that will now culminate in a snap election to be held in May.

A parliamentary committee led be the opposition parties found that the Conservative government, specifically Mr Harper had acted in contempt of parliament by failing to disclose the full costs of spending on anti-crime legislation, corporate tax cuts and the purchase of stealth fighters.

Canada's Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff
After the vote Mr Ignatieff was quoted as saying "We want to form an alternative to the Harper government that respects democracy, that respects our institutions, that respects Canadian citizens,"

However Canadian Television has said this is nothing more than politicking, adding it has nothing to do with making the country better.

Polling suggests that in the initial phase of the election campaign the minority Conservative party will have an edge on the Liberal party.

Even-though the opposition party under Mr Ignatieff has sought to exploit this weakness in Conservative party, this may in a turn of irony result in a strengthening of the Conservative if recent polling data is to be believed.

Pollster Ipsos Reid released a survey on Thursday saying that 43% of voters backed the Conservatives. If this is this case it would bring the first majority government under Mr Harper in the 308 seat House of Commons.

Also the Conservatives party has said an election is the last thing the country needs, given Canada has continued to outperform its peers in the industrialised world after the global financial meltdown.

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