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Friday, 18 March 2011

24 Hours After the UNSC Voted for a No-Fly Zone - Gaddafi Breaches International Demands

Just hours after Barack Obama said the Libyan leader would suffer the consequences of international military action if he did not comply with the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR), Gaddifi's forces have been reported making fresh moves on the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

This also contradicts reports earlier in the day from the Libyan government officials saying they had called for a ceasefire, and also opening the door for possible negotiations.

Meanwhile rebel forces in the western held city of Misrata have said they have faced a day of heavy bombing. This if the case goes directly against the UNSCR adopted last night in New York.

Obama in a press conference said "all attacks against civilians must stop". Furthermore, the President added that Libyan forces must retreat from the western cities of Zawiyah & Misrata as well as the eastern city of Ajdabiya.

Heightening the rhetoric between the two countries Barack Obama also added that the terms laid out in the UNSCR were "non-negotiable" adding "if Gaddafi does not comply...the resolution will be enforced through military action. Obama also took this moment to stress no ground forces would be deployed.

Giving credence to this Reuters report, in Washington a national security official said Gaddafi troops movements on Benghazi were "purposeful". Susan Rice, the United States ambassador to the UN responded to the question "is Gaddafi in violation of the resolution?" said "yes, he is".

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