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Friday, 1 April 2011

Has China Overtaken America....? Yes & No

According to a report published on April 1st by the Economist Simulation Unit three quarters of Americans wish that China "would just hurry and overtake America, already". This is a source of anxiety in America, as worries persist about when exactly America's most important bi-lateral partner China will overtake them.

A report published by the Economist highlights that in some important areas China already has (see diagram below)

American anxiety wont be eased at the statistical graph below which shows the health or lack of the US economy and its over-reliance on China (especially in so far as purchasing its debt) is concerned.


>Some other statistical comparisons<

Also the Chinese economy would appear to more balanced in contrast to the US

Also the dominance of the US military in the Pacific region is been threatened by China as its military capability continues to grow

China's global reach is also expanding as its military arsenal increases in numbers


A wider statistical overview comparing China and the US


A couple of images for Americans (and the world) to ponder



And finally the all important question, on a GDP basis, when will the Chinese economy become larger than America? 

On that question The Economist has projected based upon economic forecasts that China will overtake the US in 2019


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