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Friday, 4 February 2011

Some Random Thoughts Regarding Todays non-farm Payroll Figures

Notice with the substantial support from the Fed the stock market it seems will always go up*1.

  1. you get a bad set of economic data i.e. the non farm payrolls and the federal reserve will continue on with its policy of QE, thus the dollar will go down and stocks will go up. Also the interests rates will still low.
  2. the economic data is good, which will send stocks higher as investors will believe the economy is improving thus corporate earnings will improve.
the worse case scenario is that you get better than expected economic data, the dollar goes up because of the strength of the US economy and stocks go down. (unintended consequences of QE)

*1 unless of course there are external events which are not priced in i.e. North Korea last year, Egypt this year etc...

  • A Bloomberg commentator also said that if a person works for one day during the month then he/she is classified as working for the duration of that month. Seems like a complete farce - why anyone pays any attention to such a distortion in figures is beyond me.

  • Also on Bloomberg they were saying that investors are starting to pay less and less attention to the non-farm payroll figures due to there reliability or lack of. Hence todays lack of movement in the stock market in either direction. Only notable movement today has been in the bond market, which given its price movements indicated that they were optimistic about the US economic outlook.

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