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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Middle Eastern Leaders Are Reaping Their Own Whirlwind

A common theme seems to be prevalent throughout the Middle East where significant uprisings have taken place this has be brought to the fore, firstly by Tunisia and more significantly by Egypt.

Five common themes are;

  1. lack of true democratic reforms which have brought about anger & frustration among the general populace of Algeria, Yemen & Jordan
  2. rising commodity prices and inflation that has sent prices of basic foodstuffs soaring, which has not be match by wage increases
  3. poor housing and living standards that have been further aggravated as their respective leaders live in luxury - take for example the recent declaration that the Mubarak family has wealth in excess of $40bn.
  4. the leaders of countries such as Jordan, Algeria and & Yemen have become corrupted and out of touch with the people they are supposed to govern - this was particularly evident given the recent speeches by Hosni Mubarak who refused to listen to the the demands of his people and resign. 
  5. lack of basic freedoms; such freedom of the press & speech - most evident in most countries in the region as internet and telecommunications have been cut.
Too frequently people in the Middle East have been promised change, but little or none have materialised. This situation has finally been brought to a head in the last month. Already leaders are recognising even before the fall of Mubarak changes need to be made and rapidly

The fear now for the leaders of Jordan, Algeria and Yemen is that events may well overtake them as they scramble to initiate reforms to placate their discontented population(s). However, since the people have been promised reforms before which have bore little fruit, the people may well decide to take it upon themselves to expedite events.

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