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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nasdaq Responds to NYSE Deal With DB - Clearing & Exchange M&A Activity Surges

In response to the latest round of M & A activity in the Clearing and Exchanges Market, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and the Nasdaq OMX group are apparently in the critical stages of strategic talks. To substantiate these claims further both boards have hired Bank of America to advice on the possibilities of a strategic partnership between Nasdaq OMX and ICE.

Tweet "Nasdaq/ICE talks reach a critical stage as both boards notified & Nasdaq hires BAC to look at strategic moves in response to NYSE/DB deal." from Charlie Gasparino of Fox News Network

Additional M & A activity in the Exchanges and Clearing Market;
  1. Hong Kong Exchange merger with the Australian Securities and Exchange
  2. London Stock Exchange merger with the Toronto Stock Exchange (this is a bid to create what would become the largest exchange for mining companies at a time of soaring commodity prices)
  3. The Shanghai Stock Exchange and the BM&F Bovespa (the largest exchange in Latin America) are to announce next week the cross-listing of stocks - This represents a deepening of ties between the two emerging market powerhouse and two member of the so called 'BRIC' nations.

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