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Friday, 11 June 2010

Port traffic indicates robust economic growth

The port of Long Beach, which is the largest port complex in the US has release preliminary figures showing that it has seen a 25% increase in container shipping traffic from May versus a year ago. Additionally the figures highlight this is the sixth straight month of growth, which is seen to be accelerating. (see below for further details)

  • Imports up 27%
  • Exports up 15% (the highest level in two years)
  • Empties that leave the port up 35% from a year ago. This indicates that Asia needs US ships to bring goods to the US.

Also the port of LA has seen a container traffic increase by 20%, including a massive 58% increase in empties.

This report not only highlights a surge in demand for US goods from Asia, it also shows that the global economy is continuing to show robust growth as demand for goods increases.

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